How to use the Live Chat Feature

  1. Click the “Live Chat” option at the left side Menu bar.
  2. Select the Instagram account to have the live chat with.

3. Select the IG Contact to open the chat section

4. Type the chat in the text message box and click the “Send Text Message” button.

5. To save a note, Select the “Note” option and type the note in the text box below, then click on the “Save Note” button to save your note (To view the saved note, select the “User Info” option at the top of the chat page and scroll to the end).

6. To close a chat, select the “Close chat” option at the top of the chat page.

7. To promote an offer, select the “Advanced message” option below the chats and fill in all required details in the dialogue box that pops up (You can choose ‘Send Now’ or toggle off the option to schedule a specific time to send the message). Click the “Send Message” button to forward the message.

8. To handover the chat to a Human agent from a bot, toggle on the “Human agent” option at the top of the Live chat pane.

9. To assign a chat to a team member, select the “Assign chat” option and select a team member to assign that particular chat to.

Note: Facebook has a 7 days rule that states you cannot message a person who has not messaged you after 7 days of interaction.

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