How to use Instagram Trends Feature

  1. Select “Instagram Trends” option on the left side Menu Bar.

2. Select either “Top media or Recent media” from the first option.

3. Select the account you want to make a post from the “Select account” option.

4. Type in your desired hashtag. E.g. technology

5. Click on “Search” to see all available posts with the hashtag provided

6. Click on the “Settings icon” of the desired post and select “Details” to open a tab showing the hashtags. You can choose to select “Repost” or “Goto Post” on Instagram. (Note: not all post comes with hashtags)

7. Click on “Extract and Save Hashtags” to save all hashtags for that post on the Hashtag Manager.

8. Go to “Hashtag Manager” at the left side Menu bar to find the saved hashtags.

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