How To Use The Visitor Analytics Tool (SEO Kit 2)

1). Login Allclick.

2). Click SEO ToolKit at the top panel of the dashboard.

3). Click BONUS SEO KIT at the left hand panel of the dashboard.

4). From the dashboard Click the Use Tool button under Visitor Analytics.

5). Click Add New Domain at the top of the dashboard.

6). Enter details as required and click the Add button.

7). Copy the code and paste it on your website that you want to track, click the Close button to exit.

8). You can manage Visitor Analysis by clicking the actions button, from the menu displayed select your preferred options. Hover over each icon to see what each icon is used for.

Note: You can as well access the Visitor Analytics Tool, by clicking on “Analysis Tools” at the left hand panel of the dashboard. After which follow procedures as indicated.

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