How to use the Video Scheduler Feature

  1. Click the “Scheduler” Option at the Left Side Menu bar and select “Video Scheduler”.

2. Under ‘Upload’, you can choose to either ‘Drag & Drop’ a video or click the ‘Upload’ button to upload a video from your PC files.

3. Under ‘Find Videos’, you can search out a video from any niche and download the video into your PC then go back to the ‘Upload’ option to upload it.

4. Go to the Create Postpane on the right side and select ‘Settings’.

5. Fill in the Campaign name, Caption and select the IG account for the upload.

6. Click on “Submit” (You can choose to either ‘Post now’ or toggle of the option to schedule a specific time to post).

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  1. Stephen Coggins

    Such a shame that Kiire is set to Facebook ‘landscape’ ratio rather than Instagram ‘portrait’ as this is in fact an app for Instagram

    1. Azozie Uchenna

      Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for your observation.
      Please, how do you mean when you say Kiire is set to Facebook landscape ratio instead of Instagram portrait. We would like you to explain more so we can quickly work on it.

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