How To Use the Messenger Bot Feature(Ultimate Facebook Kit)

1. Click Messenger Bot on the left-hand pane of the dashboard.

For Bot settings,

  • Click Actions under Bot settings
  • Select the Facebook Page, then select any of the App Test.
  • For Bot reply settings, click change settings, then add bot reply.
  • Enter a bot name, keywords, reply type, message then click Submit.(You can also add more replies)
  • For Get started settings, click change settings, you can enable a get started button, enter your message, enable Ice breakers status, enter a question, add a message template and then click Save.
  • You can as well navigate through General settings, Action button settings, and Persistent menu settings to make changes where necessary.

For Post-back manager,

  • Click Actions under Bot settings
  • Click Create new template.
  • Enter a template name, select a page, postback type, enter postback id, enter a reply type and message.
  • Click Submit

For OTN Post-back Manager,

  • Click Actions under OTN Post-back manager and select Report(to view the list of postbacks) or Manage Templates to create and view templates.
  • Click Create new OTN templates.
  • Enter a template name, choose page, select a reply postbackand enter an OTN postback id then click Submit.

For Whitelisted domains,

  • Click Actions under Whitelisted domains.
  • Click Add domain.
  • Choose a Facebook fan page, enter your domain and click Save.

For Saved Templates,

  • Click Actions under Saved Templates
  • Click Upload Template.
  • Enter a Template name, Template description and Template Category, upload template preview image then click Upload Template.

For Email autoresponder,

  • Click Actions under Email autoresponder.
  • Select any of the options listed
  • Click Add account
  • Enter your details and click Save.
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