How To Post Templates On Instagram

Quick and Easy Ways To Post Over 150 Done For You (DFY) Socigrow Templates On Instagram.

  1. Login in on Socigrow.
  2. Click on Get Started at the bottom of the Post Templates section.
  3. You will be driected to the Post Template Dashboard.
  4. Select the Template you want to use. Then, Click on Download Template button.
  5. Click on the open template editor button at the right of your screen, just above the templates provided.
  6. At the editor Page, you can either select an open photo, a create new button or use a sample on the pop message, depending on what you want to achieve.
  7. Edit to your taste.
  8. Save to System.
  9. Go back to Socigrow Dashboard.
  10. Click on Image Scheduler.
  11. You can either upload file with URL,drag And drop the image you’ve edited and saved or Search from millions of HD quality stock photos in any Niche. you Note: all Socigrow is only compatable with JPEG images.
  12. Fill in the Create Image Post Form by the right side of your screen.
  13. Click on the Submit button.

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