How To Get Started With Tonai

  1. Login to Tonai
  2. You will find yourself in the Tonai Dashboard

3. Create Your first Voiceover AI by clicking the voiceover Ai

Step 1. Enter your headline and click Generate

You will see couple of headline suggested

Step 2. choose any of the headline that best suit your need by clicking any of the arrow

Step 3.Choose your proffered intro by Clicking any of the arrow

Step 4. Download your audio

Step 1. click on Audio Massage Ai

4. How to use the Audio Massage Ai

Step 2. click on Create

Step 3. Enter your Headline and click Generate
A couple of intro will pop up

Step 4. Choose your preffered intro by clicking any of the arrow

Step 5. Boom! your audio is ready

click on the download button to Download your audio

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