1. Login Webelo
  2. When you login to the dashboard, click on Create New Site

3. When you click on Create New Site, follow the instruction. Enter your Site Name and Site Title then click Continue

4. All the site you will be creating will show under “My Site” at the top of the dashboard panel

5. Choose the Particular site you want to Edit and click on, Edit With Novi Builder

Your site will open with Novi Builder in another Tab. click on the new tab and start building your page.

6.This is what your page will look like when it opens in new tab

7. To start building your page, click on Edit at the top of the dashboard

8. Scroll to choose a preset suitable for your Hero section

9. Your Hero Section has loaded successfully

10. watch this short video on how to change your background image and change background color

11. Watch this short video on how to change Layer and add New section,

12. Watch this video on how to add background video to your page

13. How to change your text color, Change text case, Change font, Make it bold, and Align etc..

14. Watch this short clips on how to add link to your call to action button

Use ctrl v to paste your link if you are using windows and command v if you use Mac

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