Getting Started With Allclick

Before you begin this process, note the following:

  • Ensure that you have created a Facebook fan page
  • Ensure that your Instagram account is a Business account.
  • Before you can use the Instagram Kit, your IG Business account must have been linked to your Facebook account.

Done with the instructions above? Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Login to Allclick.
  2. Click on the User icon at the top right and select Reset Password (to change your password from the default password set).

3. Select any of the modules from the 70+ modules seen on the Dashboard to navigate to any of the Kits


Select any of the kits from the Menu seen on the Home page.

NB: You can navigate to all apps through this Home page by clicking the various kits.

See Below how to get for each kit:

Getting started with the FACEBOOK Toolkit:

Click Facebook Toolkit at the top menu to display the options. You’ll find three kits listed there:

  • Ultimate Facebook kit
  • 10xsocial Toolkit
  • Facebook Live Streaming

Get Started with Ultimate Facebook Kit

1. Select Connect Accounts at the top bar of the dashboard.

2. If you have not added any app, click add Facebook app & login with Facebook and follow the steps as seen.

3. Click the Facebook icon to log in with your FB account.

4. Click Login with Facebook and follow the steps below;

  • When the page loads, click Continue as (your FB name)
  • Tick the Select all box to select all your IG business accounts, then click Next.
  • Tick the Select all box to select all FB fan pages, then click Next.
  • Ensure that all the options are toggled on, on the next page, then click Done.
  • Click OK on the next tab that opens up.

5. To enable bot connection, click the plug icon and ok

Get started with 10Xsocial Toolkit

1. Click the User icon at the top right and select Social accounts.

2. Click Add account (To add your Facebook account on Allclick).

3. Click Continue or log in to your Facebook account.

4. Select Active, to switch to your Facebook account.

Get started with INSTAGRAM KIT;

Instagram Toolkit One:

1. Click My Account >> IG Accounts

2. Click Login with Facebook

3. Click on the plug icon to Enable bot connection.

Instagram Toolkit Two:

10. Click My Account >> IG Account on the left pane Menu bar.

11. Click Add Account

12. Fill in your IG Username and password, Proxy (if you have)

13. Select how you want to get the code, then select Yes or No to delete existing cookies, If you don’t have any proxy, select the Yes option under – Login without using proxy?

14. Click Connect Account.

15. After connecting your account, click on Click here to learn about account restrictions

Get started with Twitter Marketing Tool:

See guide here

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