How to use the DFY Ad Designs Feature

Click “DFY Ad Designs” at the left sidebar of the dashboard. 2. Click “Download Template’’ to download your desired template.  (The template(s) will be saved on your PC as a “.json” file extension). 3. Click “Open Template Editor” at the top right directly above the templates. 4. Select “Open Photo” […]

How to use the Live Chat Feature

Click the “Live Chat” option at the left side Menu bar. Select the Instagram account to have the live chat with. 3. Select the IG Contact to open the chat section 4. Type the chat in the text message box and click the “Send Text Message” button. 5. To save […]

Getting Started with Kiire App

Before you begin this process: Your Instagram account must’ve been connected to your Facebook account. Click here to learn how to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. Your Instagram account must be a Business/Professional account. Click here to learn how to set up your business account Confirm that […]