Solution To Bot Not Responding On Kiire

An issue that might be noticed on Kiire is the Messenger bot that was set up not giving any response. The solution to this issue is simple; Delete all bot connections. 2. Disable bot connection. 3. Enable the bot connection again. Once this step is followed, the bot issue should […]

Fixing Broken/Expired Subscribers Image

In a few weeks of using Kiire, you will notice that your contacts’ images don’t display on the app anymore. This is because URLs of pics and videos expire on Instagram/Facebook API side for security purposes. To fix the expired images, follow the steps: Click ‘Instagram Subscribers’ on the Left […]

Fixing Broken/Expired Account Images

One issue noticed on the Kiire app is expired display pictures for your IG account. The URLs of pics and videos expire on Instagram/Facebook API side for security purposes, so they can’t be stored forever. Below are the steps on how to fix expired images on Kiire: Click My Account […]

Solution To Issue On Importing Posts

You might experience some issues importing your Instagram Posts on Kiire even after connecting your Facebook page to your Instagram account and linking the account to the Teckipro app(Kiire). The solution to the ‘Import post’ issue is this – Disconnecting the Integration of the Facebook page with the Instagram account […]

Unavailable Subscribers On IG Bulk Messaging

When campaigns are sent out to your IG subscribers from Kiire and there is a difference in the number of subscribers for some campaigns. It simply means that those subscribers that were removed have been marked as ‘Unavailable’. Subscribers being marked as Unavailable means that, you or your business has […]

How to fix ice breaker error

Error Message: The account owner has disabled access to Instagram direct messages In order to manage Instagram messages via API, IG business accounts will need to enable the connected tools toggle under message control settings. On your Instagram account, Click Settings > Privacy > Messages. Under ‘Connected Tools’, toggle on […]

How to use the Image Scheduler Feature

Click the “Scheduler” Option at the Left Side Menu bar and select “Image Scheduler”. 2. Under ‘File Upload’, you can choose to either ‘Drag & Drop’ a video or click the ‘Upload’ button to upload a video from your PC files. 3. Under ‘Search & Edit’, you can search out […]

How to Setup IG Bulk Comment Replies

Click “Bulk Comment Replies” at the Left Side Menu bar. 2. Select the IG Account (If no posts has been imported click the “Import Post” button at the top right pane of the page). 3. Select the IG account and click “Save post” to save the post you want to reply. […]

How to add Team members

Click “Team Members” at the top pane of the dashboard. 2. Firstly, click “Group” to create a group where the team members can be added. 3. Next, click “Add a new group” then input the group name and select “add”.(A new group is added). 4. Select “Team members” option and […]

How to Setup Instagram Bulk Messaging

Click “IG Bulk Messaging” at the Left side Menu bar. 2. Click ‘Create New’ at the top right corner of your dashboard. 3. Input a name and select the IG account. 4. Under the Message Template heading, select the Message Type(text or generic template), type in your message in the […]