How To Use the Post Template Feature

Login to Allclick. 2. Select Instagram kit >> Instagram Publisher. 3. Click Post Templates on the left-hand sidebar of the dashboard. 4. Click “Download Template’’ to download your desired template.  (The template(s) will be saved on your PC as a “.json” file extension). 5. Click “Open Template Editor” at the […]

How To Use the Chatbot AI(Facebook kit)

Login to Allclick. 2. Select the Facebook kit >> 10xsocial kit. 3. Select Chatbot AI. 4. To create a new chatbot, click Create New. 5. Fill in the details to create a Page Messenger Bot and click Create. 6. To add a trigger, click on any of the triggers (Text, […]

Getting Started With Allclick

Before you begin this process, note the following: Ensure that you have created a Facebook fan page Ensure that your Instagram account is a Business account. Before you can use the Instagram Kit, your IG Business account must have been linked to your Facebook account. Done with the instructions above? […]