How To Broadcast Messages On Facebook.

  1. Login to Socigrow.
  2. Click on Get Started at the bottom of Facebook widgets Section.
  3. You will be redirected to another dashboad,
  4. Scroll down the left menu.
  5. Click on Message Broadcasts.
  6. On the Broadcaster dashboard, click on the create button on any of the option made available to you according to what you wish to acheive.
  7. Fill the form on how the post will appear on your Facebook fan page.
  8. Click on the create Button.

Note: Make sure your Facebook Fan Page is active on Socigrow before going through the above steps. Follow these steps to do that;

  1. CLick on the Profile icon on the right side of your screen,
  2. Select Social Accounts.
  3. Click on the Activate button below any of the Facebook fan pages you have connected to socigrow that appeared.

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