How To Add Bank (Marketplace)

1). Login Allclick. 2). Select Marketplace at the top panel of the dashboard. 3). Select “Bank” at the left panel of the dashboard and from the drop down menu select “Add New Bank”. 4). A dashboard will popup, enter details as required and click the “Save” button to save Bank […]

How To Get Started With Allclick Market Place.

Before adding product to your Allclick eCommerce store, ensure to do this; 1. Login to Allclick. 2. Click Marketplace at the top panel. 3. CREATE CATEGORY. ADDING CATEGORY a). Click Category at the left hand panel and select Add category from the drop down menu displayed. b). A dashboard will […]

How to use the Follow Up Emails(Facebook Kit)

1. Login to Allclick. 2. Select the Facebook Kit >> 10xsocial kit. 3. Select the “Follow Up Emails” on the left-hand pane 4. Under Campaigns, click on ‘Create New‘. 5. Type in your email, fill in the required details on the right-side column and click Save campaign. Under Automation, See […]