12 Essential Performance Metrics for Customer Service

10 Important KPIs and Metrics your Customer Support Team Should Be Using in 2024

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A KPI is an indicator that helps you track the performance of a business, project, or department against strategic goals and objectives. Follow along to learn 12 key help desk metrics that can help you provide better service. By assessing the efficiency and quality of your service, these metrics enable you to continually optimize for customer and employee satisfaction. To prove you’re delivering on that promise for customers (in the case of a help desk) and employees (in the case of a service desk), you need to establish help and service desk metrics. But with so much data to consider, it can be difficult to narrow in on the metrics that matter most. Easily monitor the health of your business based on client retention and churn rate with the help of this customer success dashboard.

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If you don’t have a ticketing system, you can track this metric manually by counting the number of customer service requests that come in via email, phone, or live chat over a given period of time. However, you should consider using a solution with a built-in ticketing system to automate this process. Ticket volume is a number of customer support requests that come in over a given period of time. This metric can be helpful in identifying trends related to customer service demand. For example, if you see a sudden spike in ticket volume, it could indicate that your product or service is having difficulties. Agents will also be empowered to deliver context-rich solutions that can improve customer satisfaction and business performance KPIs.

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The service team will be the bridge between your product or service and the customer, managing the incident handling process with the main goal of providing a satisfactory experience with your company. That’s why you should kpi for support team encourage your customer service team to provide more demos and webinars and track how many leads sign up for your product after them. Don’t push too hard — and reward those who manage to achieve the monthly goal.

The most straightforward KPI for customer service teams is tallying the total number of customers submitting support tickets. In addition to tracking the top-line figure, you’ll want to analyze to identify how volume fluctuates based on times of day, day of the week, or based on seasons. Following on the same line as the previous example, the average resolution time tracks the minutes it takes your agents to solve an issue. In this case, it is divided by standard and special requests and tracked on a weekly basis. It is a valuable practice to monitor these two separately as standard requests usually take less time to be resolved than special ones. This is due to the fact that businesses usually have processes in place for common customer issues.

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You’ll want to track and recognize your agents who have the lowest average handle time, highest first contact resolution, solve a large volume of tickets, deliver high CSAT and more. Ensure your agent desk platform allows you to drill down to specific agent performance, including both human and AI-powered virtual agents. Your service reps are on the frontlines of customer interaction and satisfaction. You’ll want to recognize reps that solve the most tickets, have the most first-resolution tickets, and deliver high customer satisfaction results. Average resolution time is how long it takes to solve a support ticket from start to finish, and the length of time usually varies based on the complexity of the issue. However, lower resolution times are a better marker for success as they ensure quick resolutions of customer calls.

kpi for support team

A customer service KPI dashboard is a place where managers can access data in real-time – whether it’s CSAT, resolution time or effort score. Data is presented in graphs or charts and is continuously updated, enabling leaders to understand exactly how their team is performing. Within a dashboard, you can examine how your team is performing over time.

Tools like Mixpanel, Qualtrics, and Optimove can also help you automatically track this metric. You can pay attention to brand mentions with a social listening and brand monitoring software. Your Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

kpi for support team

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